Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday in Haiti

It's another steamy day in Haiti. The line was not so long in front of the clinic today. But there were many children to see -- Nancy was busy. There was an old man in a wheel chair who prayed with me. He was all alone in the world. His wife is dead; his daughters are dead. He lives alone, and a friend pushes him around and the friend's wife cooks for him. He had fallen from a tree while cutting firewood and broke his back. He has some limited mobility, but needs surgery to become mobile again. Of course, the surgery is only in Port au Prince or the US, and is very expensive. I watched him get pushed down the bumpy, rocky, lumpy street, and I could only imagine the pain he suffers. The hard part of the trip is encountering people like this who have such little hope and we can do so little for them.

This afternoon, we are going to look at more Episcopal church plants in the hillside. Maybe I'll see another burro! This evening, the teenagers of St. Pierre are putting on a program for us.

Tomorrow is our last day. It seems so strange ... like we've been here forever, and also like we just got here ...

+ Pere Kit


  1. Bless you as you return from this important mission.


    Carol S.

  2. Kit: Thank you for posting these experiences, wonderful, sad, all poignant. All Saints can be so proud of our group - safe home!
    love, Martha