Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good News! Everyone Can See and Touch the Bell!

OK, so that's the really positive spin on what has been a long and challenging day. But here's all the good news:

-- The blessing of the bell will go forward this evening as part of the Ascension Day service. We will gather at the Abbot Road entry, where the bell is resting on the grass. We will open the service there, with a chance for everyone to get a good look at the bell and to lay hands upon it and to help in the blessing. I will sprinkle it with holy water, anoint it with chrism, smoke it up with incense, and we will all pray for blessings upon it. Then we'll proceed into church for the remainder of the service.

-- The bracket will be rewelded late today and will be picked up at 7 a.m. tomorrow. From there, everything should go more smoothly. If you want to see the bell go up, it should (!) happen around 8 a.m. or so. Bring a cup of coffee and come by and enjoy the show. Potters' Guild opens at 9, so there will be plenty to keep you occupied here.

-- The bell will sound in worship for the first time on SUNDAY MORNING.

I now believe this is a blessing in disguise. This way, folks can get an up close look at the bell. Otherwise, it would have flown up into the tower, without anyone getting to see it.

See you tonight!



  1. Wow...I wanted you all to know I'm following this live-blog from Chicago and am thrilled to see it happening! Wish I could be there Sunday to hear the new bell, which I always assumed would never exist. Glad it does now, and congratulations! Scott, getting ready for the 150th-anniversary Ascension Day Mass at the Church of the Ascension, with the new bishop. I'll be the bell-ringing acolyte in the corner, also fiddling with cruets and lavabo bowl at various times.

  2. Scott! Come back and HEAR it!

  3. It was a blessing in disguise - seeing the bell up close and personal meant a lot to everyone.
    Lovely blessing service, too.