Monday, May 5, 2008

Reading Ahead -- Pentecost

In this week's readings, the selection from Acts and the the selection from John 20 each tell a different version of the sending of the Holy Spirit. The Acts story is public, dramatic, visible to the world. The John story is private, intimate, an action between Jesus and his followers (except Thomas, who must have been out golfing that day).

Without getting into which one "really happened," how about examining both and see which one speaks to you -- the mighty and powerful Pentecost experience in Acts, or the intimate Easter evening encounter between Jesus and his friends in John? How have you experienced the gift of the Holy Spirit in your life? Quietly or overwhelmingly? As something that empowers you to reach out to others, or as something that allows you to forgive the sins of others? Or both?

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video. That bell sounds WONDERFUL!