Friday, May 30, 2008

Meeting Wisnel

I got to have lunch today with the seminarian from Haiti that All Saints is sponsoring. Wisnel Dejardin (on the right) arrived in the U.S. just as we left for Haiti. He is doing two months of intensive English at Northern Virginia Community College, then will begin at VTS in August to work on an MTS degree. He has some English already (more than I have French or Creole, anyway!) and he will have to learn fast, since he will start writing papers in September, in English, about theology and scripture.

Joseph Constant (on the left) is the Assistant Dean for Multicultural Relations at the seminary. I am also proud to call him my friend of many years ... he was a seminarian at my former church when he was a student at VTS. Joseph and Wisnel and I had an interesting conversation about Haiti, Mirebalais, and some of the things we might hope to do to support Wisnel and also to reach out back to Haiti.

+ Kit

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