Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More from Haiti

You should have seen the excitement today when the teachers at St. Pierre School were introduced to the computer lab. Now their students can gain the same global access to the same resources as their First World peers. They were ecstatic. The lab has 11 computers with internet satellite access. If you are old enough, you may remember those days back in the '90s when your childrens' schools got computers and computer labs. The feeling is the same here. The children at St. Pierre will now no longer be only citizens of Haiti; they will be citizens of the world.

The afternoon at the clinic was long and hot. They try to see all the elderly people in the morning, but there were still many elders waiting in the heat when we returned from lunch. Nancy Spates said most of the children she saw were suffering from various effects of hunger and malnutrition. The saddest point for me today was being called into the dental suite to pray with a man who had just been diagnosed with mouth cancer. They will refer him up to Cange, to one of Paul Farmer's clinics, but there is not nearly the same potential for him to be treated here in Haiti.

We all kept busy all afternoon, and you should see your All Saints friends at work! It is quite something. God has truly blessed us by calling us to participate in this work. We hope that we are bringing some of God's blessings to Haiti.

+ Rev. Pere Kit

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