Friday, May 23, 2008

Get Closer to God: Slice Carrots.

That's the tag line for a new ad by the national Episcopal Church that is running today in USA Today. There is a matching TV spot that will be seen on the airport channel of CNN during peak travel times this summer. The campaign, Put Your Faith to Work, focuses on service and outreach as a hallmark of life in the Episcopal Church.

This is a great idea, and helps to remind folks that the Episcopal Church is about much more than fighting over sexuality. But while I love service and outreach in the name of Christ as much as anyone, it's not the only way to get closer to God. Here are some other taglines I came up with. Maybe you could come up with your own.

Get Closer to God: As close as a bite of bread and a sip of wine.
Get Closer to God: Sing loudly.
Get Closer to God: Smile at a child.
Get Closer to God: Read the Bible.
Get Closer to God: Greet a stranger.

What are your taglines? How do we in the church help others get closer to God?


  1. I don't have a tagline, but I can tell you how people at All Saints helped me get closer to God.

    When I was new at ASEC I felt God in a lot of people - in their kindness. I was pretty lost when I first came, and scared because I had left my last church - - the guilt thing. It was refreshing to have NO ONE ask me why I wasn't married yet, and even better, people made an effort to include me, when I was on the fringe. On my first day there, while still in the parking lot, I was ready to turn around and walk back to my car, and go home. There was a woman standing there who said "hello," and she asked me to sit with her during the service. After church she introduced me to what felt like the whole community - and everyone was very kind and welcoming. There is someone else there that when I barely knew her, I told her all my secrets, and she didn't run away... And there was another that I told all my scary memories too, cried like a baby, and she remained my friend anyhow. There was someone who, during a time that I was barely coming to church because of my own issues, said "I understand. It's okay, we'll all still pray for you even if you don't come sometimes." And there is yet another who answers all my insane emails when I can't deal with my job, my past, my life, and she handles my (sometimes extremely childish) issues with care. That is kindness I did not deserve. That is God shining through these people.

  2. Count your blessings Stephanie. Not everyone is lovingly assimilated into AS. Some come regularly, serve willingly, and seek to fit in - only to discover that they don't - and no one really cares when they disappear. Not that it's the fault of anyone there, some people just don’t fit at AS, or anywhere. You are blessed indeed.

  3. Anonymous ... I would really like to talk more with you about your experience at ASEC. Completely confidentially. It would help me gain more insight into how the parish can truly "welcome all people as Christ."

    517-351-7160 ...