Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reading Ahead -- Easter 6

In the readings for Sunday, the gospel lesson goes back to the night of the Last Supper, to Jesus' last words to his friends before they go out across the Kidron Valley to the garden where he will be arrested.

Jesus tells his friends that even though he is going away, he is not leaving them, that God will send the Comforter to dwell in their hearts. Still, I imagine it must have been a terrifying moment for them. They must have wondered what they would do without Jesus, how they would manage, how they would get along.

When do you experience God as "going away" from you? What do you do in that time of distance and lonliness when it seems God is far away? How have you experienced God returning to you with comfort and presence? How has the ebb and flow of closeness with God and distance from God played out over the course of your life?

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