Monday, April 14, 2008

Koinonia Farm

For those interested in following up on yesterday's sermon, the website for Koinonia Farm can tell you a lot about the history of the farm and its founder, Clarence Jordan.

Koinonia is a living community with a monastic flavor, gathering for prayer three times a day and a noonday meal for the community. The rest of the day is for work in the pecan groves or in some of the many ministries of Koinonia.

The founders of Koinonia, Clarence and Florence Jordan and Martin and Mabel England established the farm with three guiding principles: 1) All humankind are related under God's parenthood. 2)Love is the alternative to violence (pacifism). 3) Share all possessions. The life and journey of this community has survived violence, apathy, the death of its founder in 1969 and a series of shifts in direction. Presently, Koinonia works for self-reliance and dignity for low-income neighborhoods by strengthening the family and empowering the community. Koinonia is also the meeting ground for people of many different backgrounds who come together to work and study issues of social justice and faith.

Located in Americus, Georgia, Koinonia is also committed to the practice of hospitality and welcomes visitors who want to tour the farm, or stay a few days and explore deeper, or who want a period of internship and residence.

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