Saturday, April 5, 2008

Church Words -- Christus Rex

Christus Rex means Christ the King. It is the "church word" for the image of Jesus on our cross at All Saints. Rather than show a suffering and tortured Jesus on the cross, the Christus Rex shows Christ triumphant over sin and death through the crucifixion. Vested in the garments of the priest at the eucharist, the Christus Rex also symbolizes the sacrifice of Christ in the eucharist.

All Saints began in the Chapel of Christ the King, the Episcopal mission to the MSU campus. It met just up Abbot Road in what is now the Sigma Nu house. Although the name changed when the university mission gave birth to our parish church, the image of Christ the King, the Christus Rex, continued over the All Saints altar. And so it remains a reminder to us, not only of Christ's victory on the cross, but also of our church's origins in that first campus ministry.

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