Monday, April 7, 2008

Reading Ahead -- Easter 4

In the lessons for the upcoming Sunday, found here, the gospel readings switch from the post-Easter appearances of Jesus. John's gospel flips us back into Jesus' earthly ministry, when he makes a long statement about being the Good Shepherd. Because this Sunday also features Psalm 23, it is often referred to as Good Shepherd Sunday. We'll be singing a number of hymns this week that expand on the shepherd image.

But I am interested in the reading from Acts. Do you really think the earliest disciples sold all their possessions and lived holding all things in common? We know that even if they did, historically that practice didn't last long, because in Paul's letters, he is busy doing charitable collections in his churches for relief of the church in Jerusalem. So the church in Jerusalem was struggling for support by the year 60 AD or so.

In Acts, the community lives a life of faith publically -- worshipping in the temple -- and privately -- breaking bread in their homes with glad and generous hearts. What public or private practices give your faith support and strength? Weekly worship? Daily Bible reading? Long, silent walks? Meditation? Outreach activities?

How does how you live strengthen your life with God?

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