Thursday, April 24, 2008

Praying through finals

Finals week is almost here, and MSU students will be racing to complete their work, take their tests, pack their things, and still try and get some tanning time in while the sun shines.

In the All Saints rectory, Chaplain Sarah is holding De-Stress Week every evening for the Canterbury-MSU students. Upstairs is quiet study time. Downstairs, a movie will play each night for the students who aren't under quite as much pressure.

The students need our help this week in two specific ways. First, pray. Pray for Jenn Trusty, who is graduating, and pray for all the CMSU students as they face the week ahead.

Second, they need some snacks! If you can bake some goodies -- cookies or brownies or such -- they will need the energy and love that comes from those homemade treats. You can bring your goodies to the church office, or drop them by the rectory. Call Sarah Midzalkowski, the chaplain, at 648-3378 to coordinate.

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