Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Where Are You?

There's a new feature on this blog called ClustrMaps, a counter that not only records the number of visits to the blog, but also maps where people are when they view the page. (It's down the right-hand column, if you scroll down.)

The first day, there were three dots: Michigan (of course), one out in the far Midwest, maybe Mebraska, and one in England (a Findley relative, perhaps?).

This morning, the dots are even more widely spaced. Three on the West Coast ... in the Pacific Northwest, and then the San Francisco and LA areas. There is a dot tantalizingly floating on the U.S./Canada border, somewhere near ... Montana? Also Pennsylvania, Boston and South Florida.

It's fascinating to realize that people from quite far away are interested in the doings of a medium-sized Episcopal church in a medium-sized Michigan city. And to see the dots begin to bloom on the map is a visible illustration of the Communion of Saints that connects us even when we don't even realize it.

For all you far-flung readers ... if you get to East Lansing, drop in and say hi. We'd love to share that communion with you at our altar and face-to-face.

+ Kit

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  1. I checked in from Mexico last month, while you were in Haiti :)