Friday, June 20, 2008

The Official Church of Major League Baseball

As you break out your gloves and warm up for the softball game that will be part of our parish picnic this Sunday, I thought you might like this April Fool's article from Episcopal Cafe. It purports to name the Episcopal Church as the official denomination of Major League Baseball.

It's a lovely thought, even if it's a joke. Our church and baseball do seem to have an affinity for one another. The made-up quote from Bud Selig puts it well: "Selig said that Episcopalians bring the right mix of arcane tradition, an appreciation of minutiae and a tolerance for long stretches of relative inaction that make them 'a good fit for us. We believe that Episcopalians understand the nuances of the game and won't meddle with our traditions too much.'"

And two opportunities to go to the Lansing Lugnuts are coming up. You can go with the Diocese of Michigan on Sunday, July 6 at 2 p.m. Bishop Gibbs will throw out the first pitch. Cost of $22 per person includes a buffet lunch. Contact Sue McCune in the diocesan office ( for more info. Also, All Saints will make our annual trek to the ball park on Sunday, August 10. Tickets are $8 and you can sign up on the sheet that will be passed around at the picnic this week.

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