Sunday, March 15, 2009

We are Here!

Just to let you know the HOM team arrived safely in Haiti, in two batches. One group on Friday and the second group on Saturday. Our folks arrived, and the Episcopalians promptly went off to church. Friday evenings in Lent, Pere Jeannot does the Great Litany, with a long teaching sermon and prayers. It was an excellent introduction to the culture for the first-timers, and also good for our souls.

Saturday was spent sorting vitamins, Tylenol, Tums and other medicines to get the clinic ready to run on Monday morning. We did good work, and it is ready to go.

Today began with Mass at St. Pierre at 6 a.m. There were many special musical offerings, and a longish sermon by your rector ;-) so we finished around 8 a.m. After breakfast, it was a ride up the road to the little Episcopal church, St. Andrew, at Trianon, where there is also a school. We had Mass again, with slightly less music and a great sermon by Father Chris Yaw from St. David's in Southfield.

It is now after lunch and most of the group has gone off in buses to see Cange and some of the other HOM schools and churches out in the countryside. Pere Chris and I are going to Pere Jeannot's Sunday School at 4 p.m. I'll be talking with the young ladies about women's ordination and being a female priest.

Tomorrow the hard work begins. Keep us in prayer.

+ Kit


  1. Praying all the way! Carol

  2. So good to hear that all is well.
    love, Martha

  3. This sounds so exciting! Keeping all of you in prayer!
    Love, Tamara