Friday, October 31, 2008

Listening for a Call

This essay by Kathleen Henderson Staudt asks the question, "How shall I respond to the relationship with God that I'm already in, perhaps without knowing it?"

It is a question that turns the business of vocation on its head. Vocation becomes not about my JOB in the real world. It is not about a super-sacred call that will lead to ordained ministry. It is about response, response to something already happening, response to something we may only just be coming to acknowledge.

How are you listening for this tiny prompting in your own relationship with God? How are you managing it, if it is overwhelming you and the Spirit has you in her beak by the nape of your neck?

These are the questions of this All Saints season, as we seek to discover how the saints of God are "just folk like me" and how "just folk like me" can actually attain the sainthood God calls each of us into.

+ Kit

P.S. Kathy Staudt will be with us for the Adult Forum on November 16. Join us.

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