Thursday, July 24, 2008

Seeking Sabbath Rest

(A sabbath chant played on a lyre, similar to what would have been used in the Biblical Temple in Jerusalem)

I'll be offline for a couple of weeks. On vacation, yes, but even more so, seeking Sabbath rest and peace.

Sabbath is such a difficult concept for hard-working North Americans. To just stop everything and worship God and rest and restore doesn't fit into our ideas of time or valuable uses of time.

In this fabulous little article from Calvin College, it is observed that while Christians happily can sit around on Saturday night talking about all the chores or work they have to do the next day, no one sits around and says, "Well, I'm going to commit adultery tomorrow." Or "I think I'm going to go shoplift at Macy's tomorrow." Why do we hold this Sabbath commandment so lightly among all the "Big Ten"?

I hope in the intervening weeks, you might follow the link above and spend some time exploring its resources on Sabbath and Sabbath-keeping. Rest and refreshment in the arms of a living, loving God is surely the remedy for most of humanity's ills ... if we could only see it.

Back in August!

+ Kit

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