Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Night for Singing!

Last night, about 50 people gathered around the piano in the Undercroft for an hour of hearty hymn singing. The selections (all requests) ranged from "For All the Saints" to "Precious Lord," from "Alleluia, Sing to Jesus," to "Marching in the Light of God."

There were sweet harmonies and powerful fortissimos. There were a few false starts, and boldly confident descants. There were a host of regular choir members, and some very welcome visitors who are not regular members of All Saints.

At the end of all that singing, we deserved those ice cream sundaes! Thanks to Steve Findley and his crew for wonderful fellowship and food. Thanks to Michael Crouch (still post-surgery and not feeling at all the thing ...) for playing for a solid hour. Thanks to all who came and lent their voices in joyful, prayerful singing.

+ Kit


  1. The Holy Spirit was with us!
    Thank you to all who worked to make this evening a special one.
    Martha M

  2. What a joy it was to sing beloved hymns together with wonderful people. Thank you all.

    Bill Ramsey