Friday, February 20, 2009

Alone Time? What's That?

This video was posted over on Episcopal Cafe. I watched and first, recognized myself, and second, realized that this portrays reality for most people under age 40, and certainly under age 30.

I like Facebook, and many of you are my Facebook friends. But I wonder about this sense of being continually available, continually on, continually plugged in. Do I need to know that Clare's house is clean and she has marzipan? Or play yet another Scrabble game? Or follow one of Tamara's links?

I have been pondering whether to give up Facebook for Lent. Watch the video, and then use the comment function to share your thoughts on whether I should or not ... or what electronic umblical cord you might think about laying aside for six weeks.

+ Kit


  1. I love my facebook...not sure I could give it up....

  2. Well first you have to decide what would you do instead that would make sense for Lent? I can live without it, but I do have to be plugged in somehow since technology is my livelihood. As a librarian I love how everything is at my fingertips now. I can get the answer so much more quickly than I could 30 years ago when I first became a librarian.
    You are correct, it is kind of silly hearing about someone cleaning their house or baking cookies on FB. What I have enjoyed is meeting with friends that I have not seen for 30 years and sharing new sites (both Internet and real)and knowledge. I see news items that I may have missed.
    So before you turn off for 6 weeks think long and hard about what you might miss and what you will do in place of it!